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2 Girls, 2 Yoga Mats and a Cat

This is a workout in the Cast household. We decide after a long day of running around that we’d do some 30 day shred workout. First things first – Amber could be sleeping in the deepest depths of the earth but when she hears Jillian Michaels on the TV she is awake and on the prowl. Our living room is big for a Queens apartment but once you fit in 2 yoga mats and 2 girls doing jump jacks – I mean we make it work but there isn’t room for 2 girls, 2 yoga mats, jumping jacks and a cat. Amber does her own workout when we do our workout. Although, she is most of the time, phoning it in. When we are down on the yoga mats doing abs, she rolls onto her back and does her stretching. When we do jumping jacks, she lays smack in the middle of the rug, stares up at us with jealous eyes wishing she could do the same. I am suddenly imagining her with a sweatband around her little head and little wrist bands around her paws. She swats at my hand weights, sits on the yoga mats while they are not in use. She finds her toy mouse and swats it across the workout floor aka living room just beating each step of our butt-kicks. How she does it, i'll never know. Last night i felt the need to do my own modified workout of this DVD. My arms hurt so bad i couldn't lift them over my head. So while Michelle was using hand weights and working lower body at the same time, i was only doing squats. And while Michelle was doing full on jumping jacks, i was just kicking my feet out. Needless to say i thought this workout was going to be a bust. Surprisingly, all of my body hurts today! YAY!! and i thought i was phoning it in! Then we ate the soup we made. The soup made me feel like 4 thousand lbs. but it was good! i'm skipping the soup tonight.


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