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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The city is so exciting. Today I saw Chelsea Clinton. She and her dad, Bill were at my office. she is so pretty and was wearing a fabulous outfit and has awesome hair. Apparently at the end of the day, unknown to me, she was in the bathroom on my floor when I had to go. But I had to hold it because I couldn't leave my work space unattended. So Ileana came back and she told me this news. I saw her leave the floor and went to the bathroom to finally end my pee dance. At the sinks washing my hands I wondered, me and Chelsea at the sinks together, what would I say? Would I make a big deal? Probably not. Would I be smirking? Probably. So what would I say? Would I offer her a cup of the firm provided Listerine? No. I noticed the counter was splattered with it. Gross. I don't think Chelsea would've left Listerine splatter. I would probably try to say hello, maybe comment on her hair color which was fantastic. I didn't see her shoes otherwise that would be my next choice of conversation. That was how my day ended. Well not exactly. Then I saw two rats playing and talking to each other in the subway. And I laughed out loud. I told you, never a dull moment.

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