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And so, that is where I went for cover during the earthquake of 2011. Actually this is how it happened: Barami having an 80% off sale. I am browsing. I exit barami. Cell phone rings. Michelle: ARE YOU OKAY? Me: Yeah! I went to a sale at Barami before calling you first. Michelle: OMG THANK GOD YOU'RE OKAY. WE'RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE. I pull my half eaten turkey sandwich from my bag and continue on with my afternoon. Guessing I should head back to the building and see if my podmates, Monica and Ileana are okay, I keep looking for signs of said earthquake from the other pedestrians. no word, no cell phone talk of it, no grasping of one another and freaking out, nothing. I get closer to my building and everyone the starts piling out of the building like ants from their hole. I run into christina, a coworker of mine who actually moved here from Virginia, "the epicenter of the quake" (as randomer put it to me later, pump up the dramatics) a few months ago and she says she doesn't understand when this earthquake occurred, I told her I understood, I felt crazy because I was at Barami's 80% off sale. I get in touch with Monica and Ileana and they asked me if I was okay and i said i didn't feel anything i was at the sale at barami. and then started the randomer asking me questions about what happened. "do we know anything yet?" "5.8" i said "earthquake" ::EXCLAMATORY VOICE:: FIVE POINT 8! i hear margarita, my other coworker on her cell phone "cinco (word for point in spanish) ocho" (or however you spell 8 in spanish). it wasn't until i was about to go back up that i realized the randomer works in my office, i didn't recognize her without her desk in front of her. some people went home, some people came back up into the building and here i am. at my desk. i email my boss: just checking in, you know, because we had an earthquake, which i didn't feel. hope you are well. his response: thanks. didn't feel it here either. i wonder if he was at the barami sale too.


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