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Everything’s As If We Never Said Goodbye

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

:::turns on lights::: :::pulls sheet off desk and typewriter::: :::dust goes flying::: Well. Looks like I've got a little cleaning up to do in here and I left my Swiffer at home today. I'm trying to remember why I stopped coming here. Why I stopped sharing my experiences in almost-real-time. But, no use in that now, I'll just have to catch you up along the way. I've bored myself in the last few paragraphs, or maybe it's just the subway train rocking me back to sleep before I have to be wide eyed and bushy tailed for a summer Monday, unsure. But it's also frigid AF on this train, even with my denim jacket on. So anyway, so many times I've wanted to share thoughts and feelings since my last post in 2012, but I wasn't sure of my blog username and password or if this place still existed (Did google delete me? Did blogspot go kablooey? For anyone who remembers GEOCITIES web hosting circa the 90's, you know my concerns are real) or even how to find it again. BUT a little push from my wife and friends, a little time on a Sunday afternoon, and here I am again! Six whirlwind years have gone by. There have been ups and downs both on the scale and in life overall and I'm feeling like I'm on an upswing again due to the fact that I'm pushing towards a goal/dream these days - more on that later. I'm back and (maybe) better than ever - you decide! But all that matters is I'm back! P.S. This blog title is an homage to a song from the musical Sunset Boulevard. Video below if you have an attention span to listen or watch Glenn Close and all her Norma Desmond deranged glory.

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