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Heartbreak Hotel

I once heard a story of heartbreak. A girl who had given herself so fully, as she always did, but this time it was given to a person who knew nothing about giving back. This person was an expert at taking and knowing just how to keep getting. It was too late when the girl realized she was dealing with a master deceiver. Her heart was fully invested, beating only for this person she thought she knew. She felt her heart burst into a million piece when the truth was revealed. "But, but, she loved me, didnt she?" The girl questioned. "But, wait. All the things I've said to you, did for you, all the sweet words you said back to me, were they never said? Did I hear you wrong?" The girl said, left with confusion, anger and sadness. Where would she go and what would she do? Who could she trust? She was left to put her heart back together, alone. Examining each piece, re-living the past, trying to figure out what went wrong, trying to get back the heart she had before this all began. This was all even more painful than the moment of truth. Everyone told her healing was the hardest part, for it would not be quick. Why was this fair? There was no pain for this other person! * * * The heart is a funny thing. We think of the heart as a physical organ in our body that pumps blood and keeps us going. Then there is the figurative heart. <3. This heart still beats but it can also break from emotion. You can "give" your heart to someone. I always wonder about heartbreak. I have been so lucky to not experience much. But the little that has come my way, its a tricky game. Life, love, friendship, trust. Be good to those around you. Be good to those who love you for who you are. Keep your mind open, hold your heart safely. Give slowly, carefully. If you are a giver, overly compassionate, be proud and love yourself for it. We are a rare bunch. We keep whatever peace, love and goodness that is left in this world alive.


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