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Lunchtime Adventures and Such.

I currently follow Cat Kuehn's fashion blog. its called Got Dressed. She's my little cousin, although she is no longer little. She is going to make me a dress for her wedding in November, how selfish of me. "hey cat, plan on making me a dress for your wedding, on top of everything else you have to do to plan your wedding. thanks!!" So I don't normally blog but I love to write, so I'm going to give this my best shot. My last job didn't allow us to have access to blog sites but now I am free to blog!! Lets talk about LinkedIn. I feel like, i don't know.... LinkedIn tries to be business facebook. I could be wrong because I only signed up for LinkedIn to get information about somebody, you know, just to see a picture of them or something, and that was the last I used it and now I've gotten a billion requests to LINK IN with people and I just want to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe. Love that little link at the end of those junk e-mails that I should really click but I don't because really? What would I do if my phone just didn't go off every minute of the morning from 5am - 8am? what would I do if i didn't roll my eyes at all the junk e-mails i get to my now old e-mail address? I need SOMETHING to complain about! and then, when a jem of a junk e-mail rolls through, like a coupon or a notification that someone has free shipping or 15% off happening, I say to myself, this is why i can't unsubscribe! Someone in one of the offices is listening to an opera - but i can't hear it all the way. that i hate the most. can't stand that. let me hear what you're listening to don't give me muffled version!!! Even if it is an opera! Today at lunch this exhausted old hobbit sat down at the table i was sitting at. I had my AMNew York spread out in front of me with my homemade lunch and I was perusing the article about the MTA's new additions of subways and trains which won't open until 2016 (why do they waste their time and our money when the world is ending next year?) and I understand that people need a seat and i'm sitting at a 6 top, just me and my bag - but there was something about her that turned my stomach. Maybe it was the hobbit part. or maybe it was because she took out her own homemade lunch and instead of taking it out of the yellow plastic bag she put her head into the bag and started slurping up whatever was inside of it. Needless to say i calmly sipped my water, gathered my trash (love that word), closed my AMNew York and slowly pulled it together to leave the table, TRYING NOT TO SEEM LIKE i was leaving because hobbit was slurping lunch out of yellow plastic bag.


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