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Okay, fine. We've Become Addicted

There are a few reactions that come into play when thinking about one of your favorite spin instructor's last day. Horror Despair Sorrow Sadness Michelle and I received some horrifying news. And tonight when we stopped to think about our fitness future without her, Michelle threw herself off the couch to the floor and I commenced shortness of breath and light headedness. This is one of those things that you wouldn't understand unless you have attended all of our spin classes for the last 2 months. Lets be honest, exercise, when you have to do it to lose weight can really suck. But when you have awesome motivators by your side, it can make it so much fun. And if you know us, you know we don't stop talking about our spin classes "rapido! rapido! faster! faster! don't cheat yourself! push yourself! this is not a ride in the park! this is spin class!" Cat and Carla, our spin instructors, have been two major motivators these last 2-1/2 months which we are so grateful for. Whether it was just their job or they really cared, they pushed us so much farther than I ever imagined I could go. Mish and I have lost at least 10lbs in that time (if not more) and those results have been even more motivating. I know Cat will still give us beatings... But we are losing Carla from our successful routine and this is some serious saddness - and much luck to her because she is moving on to something she really loves - Which will be and has already started to be my focus and motivation for the new year - doing something i really love.


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