• Swee

One Of These Things is Not Like the Other

The sun is hot on the subway platform this morning. I find it awkward that I can see the building I work in from here. It is hard when ur heart is somewhere else. Longs to be doing something more fulfilling. And its hard to put ur whole self into what u are doing to get by. I know im where I am so that I don't get comfortable. I was so cozy where I was there wasn't anything I really longed for. Occasionally it would cross my mind...its good to be uncomfortable right now. Its just keeping me motivated to get comfortable where I belong. I can fit in anywhere. Do any job and do it well. Its my nature. But most mistake that as feeling like you belong. There's a difference. I fit in in every office I've worked in. But I knew it wasn't where I belonged as a whole. In tax cert it was where I was meant to be inside that office, in my pod its where I am meant to be and the girls do a good job of making me feel like I belong. The thought of belonging, truly being who I am every day will be one of the biggest blessings of my life and the way things are now, uncomfortable, I wont stop til I am there.


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