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Reality Check

I told michelle i was inspired to write - i've been inspired to write since 8:30pm and i'm only just sitting down now at 10:54. That's because we were finishing putting christmas away. When i told Mish that i wanted to write at this unGodly hour she asked me when i was going to start writing something real. First taken aback, i said I do write about real things. and she said not that i don't love your writing but, when are you going to start writing about something real, like piecing a story together? Still upset by this remark (not terribly upset, just a pinch), i digested it. So much really is stuffed inside me, like a clogged up drain (sorry, only thing that came to mind, definitely could've been a worse analogy) and I realized that its painful to write about something real. So tonight I am going to try and tie some things together. Relevant to my life currently and maybe pull up some old sludge from the drain. Please see the next blog post for the start.


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