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Relaxed and Ready to Get Out of Here

Funny things come to mind when i'm relaxed. and i start to relax around 5:20pm. thats ten minutes before i get to leave work. Tonight I'll get to drag my ass around Astoria Park after the hungry hungry hippo hurricane weekend i had. Yeah thats right, whats better than being forced to sit home for 48 hours straight and because you stocked up on "non perishables" it gives you the right to eat everything even though your power didn't go out. See we didn't stock up on non perishables but we had it planned for Michelle's family to come over and celebrate her birthday. our party crasher, Hurricane Irene, left us with a lot of goodies to consume. the party wasn't a total bust, but i mean, why not cook Swedish meatballs for an army, chicken nugget things with honey mustard dipping sauce and hot cheddar and salsa dip? WHY NOT? Irene is coming! What else do we have to do with ourselves but to fill the tub with water, wait for the electric to go out and EAT!? And then, when the power doesn't go out, the tub gets emptied and you weigh yourself what kind of excuse do you have? No excuse. not even an excuse to escape the track waiting for you at the end of the day today. as you sluggishly climbed the subway stairs this morning, out of breath and you say "damn you swedish meatballs, cheese and crackers, diet mountain dew! DAMN YOU IRENE!" i feel for people named irene. you know they just were the brunt of everyone's jokes and probably wanted to punch everyone i the face all week and weekend. three minutes to go. hopefully the trains run so slow i can get out another blog post. if not, let me just say this - lady gaga is amazing and i can guarantee you, one of your relatives dresses in drag in secrecy. TIME TO GET USED TO IT! JO CALDERONE!


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