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Subway Diaries

Monday, August 29, 2011

subway diaries Really dude with fake rodent hanging over your shoulder? Wearing a black and white striped fedora w a red feather in ur hat? Aviators and green gingham shirt? Get away from me or u and ur rodent are likely to hear me scream bloody murder. After seeing an episode of "Infested!" This weekend, a reality show about exterminators I look at fuzzy creatures with beadie eyes much differently. They kill cats. Im not ok with that. In other news, early this morning was a "Lets Get Physical" music video walk off on our train. Knee brace on each knee, zebra shorts, green and yellow workout shirt w a matching sweatband. Stop it now. Btw MTA no one needs to take the fifth R train in a row. We need an N or a Q.


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