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Sweetie + Lisa = Sweesa

So allow me to explain the name of my actual blog. Once upon a time there was a little girl named lisa. Her "fairy" Godmother Aunt Donna called to her one day, "sweetie!" She meant to say ...or was it "lisa!" She she wished to matter how she tried to slice it it came out "SWEESA!" And from that moment forward little lisa was known to her family as sweesa. As she grew the name went with her. Friends and family began to shorten it to sweez or the now very popular swee. Good story, right? I know. (Sarcasm) Anywho, when I was encouraged by many but especially the most by my wife Michelle to start this blog we decided I write best about true life. And because I have a twisted view...or sometimes im just plain backwards...we decided to call it "the swee life" a play on "the sweet life" because honestly my life is pretty sweet but that would just be very unoriginal and this is a huge run on sentence. The end.


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