• Swee

Takin' It to The Streets

Here is my first entry from the streets aka not at a computer. I found it to be very unfortunate that a whole box of trix cereal was smashed to pieces on the platform for the uptown 6 at lex and 51st. Today on my way to the subway walking thru the park I took note of the mouse/rat that appeared to either be dead or resting. A woman walking her dog gave mouse/rat a look of disappointment and looked at me and said something in broken english I didn't understand but acknowledged anyway...moments later after she was long gone I realized she said "he need a nap he lazy" Idk. Just sharing. I always give my seat to pregnant women on the subway and I want to punch people who don't when I don't have a seat to give up. There have been an awful lot of pregnant women too. They are everywhere and when I see them I look at their belly and want to say to growing baby "ur lucky u don't know how bad this guy's B.O. is next to me baby."


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