• Swee

Tell Me Whyyyy!?

Does anyone want to tell me why the locker room attendant at the gym HATES us? I love my gym - adore my gym - so when i get off the subway (straight from work - this is how much i love my gym) i enjoy swiping my gym membership card, walking up 2 - 1/2 flights of stairs to the very decently scented locker room. But then i am faced with, Maria (allegedly this is her name). Her mug, no matter how sweetly i smile, not matter how courteous i am, no matter how much i follow the rules, Maria just gives me her mug. I do believe she snuck in a sneer at me today when i politely said hello to her upon my arrival. I am just not quite sure what it is i have to do. I don't wanna get racist or anything but i look just as latina as any other latina that attends our gym. The other day it was quite enjoyable, Maria was out and her understudy was SO SWEET. Maria is a bitch. that's just the end of it.


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