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Wake Up!

It was a whirlwind of a week. Months of getting ready for the holiday season and my mother-in-law's big birthday. It was finally wrapping up. We rang in the New Year and only six hours after the turn of 2012, we were on our way to and from the airport to drop off our nephew Christopher for his early morning flight back to Florida. Only really waking up after 2.5 hrs of sleep on the trip back from JFK with the sun just peeking above the horizon, I was going to miss Chris being around. I told Mish that I wished he was closer in distance so we could spend more time with him. As we rounded a turn in the left lane on the grand central parkway in a blind spot appeared what instantly became my worst nightmare: headlights pointed at me, a car facing ongoing traffic in my lane, aka going in the wrong direction. At 65mph I only had about 150 feet to stop and all in a split second i had to 1) figure out if this was real, 2) figure out if it was moving or just stopped there, 3) could i avoid it? Its headlights fogging my vision in front of me, traffic zooming by to my right with nowhere to go, the odds were stacked against me and I had no choice, I slam on the breaks but i wasn't so sure we'd make it. Cutting it about 4 feet close enough to live, i immediately looked behind me. Someone was going to hit me now and I had to get out of the way. but if i left these people here, would they die? Would someone see them like i saw them? Or would there be a head on collision? Traffic cleared after a moment and i maneuvered into the next lane and we left the scene. I prayed those people would be okay but i burst out crying. Thankful I was still alive, I was okay with going to pick up some bagels for brunch and continue on with our life in 2012.


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